Don’t upgrade to Windows 10 – yet…..

Don’t upgrade your computer to Windows 10 if you value your sanity. I am now seeing about a 50% failure rate.

Sometimes the failure happens during the upgrade process necessitating hours of fix-it time to get things working again. Sometimes I can’t fix it and I have to do a clean install so all programs have to be re-installed again.

Other times the upgrade goes fine but later on an update or “something” causes Windows 10 to stop working correctly. Often it’s a driver issue that has to be sorted out, and there have been times it took me an hour or more to get things working again.

This is not to suggest Windows 10 is all problems all the time. All my personal computers have been upgraded without issue. But I am seeing enough problems with my customers that I can’t recommend upgrading at this time.

Save yourself some headaches and wait a few more months before trying to upgrade

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