The Dark Side of Windows 8.1

I finally get to write about something other than email scams!! Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, has decided that with Windows 8.1 those searches you do for files and stuff on your own computer will be logged and sent to Microsoft so they can send targeted advertising to your computer as well as any web sites you go to. I quote from a fine Infoworld article on Windows 8.1 —

“Unless you make Smart Search dumb, you not only hand Microsoft a complete history of all of your local computer search terms, you open your machine up to even more lovely ads, doled out on the Search results pane. If you search for “flugelhorn” on your local computer — not on the Web, mind you, but on your own computer — the results that Windows 8.1 shows you will include advertisements for flugelhorns on eBay and Amazon (no, I’m not joking — try it), local flugelhorn manufacturers, flugelhorn party consultants, and no doubt some day flugelhorn addiction services.”

It’s bad enough that when you search on Google or Bing they log it and then target you with ads and such but those are free services and they do need to make money somehow and you don’t have to use a search engine if you don’t want to. But with this Microsoft is invading your personal computer and logging local searches. No thanks! I will stick with Windows 7.

Here is a link to the article for the more curious among you.

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