Mistyped Internet address scam

I typed in an address for a web site I go to from time to time but I mistyped the name. The site with that mistyped name redirected me to a page that told me I needed to upgrade my media player with red letters that said “Required”. As an IT professional I knew it was bogus but I can see how so many of my customers have been fooled in to installing this malware. They made the page look just like a page you would see on adobe.com. Nothing actually said Adobe but most people wouldn’t have noticed that.

Be careful what you believe to be legit or allow to be downloaded to your computer from the Internet. There are indeed times when something needs to updated but that info will come from a legit site, not something you got to by accident. Also look for brand names to identify legitimate downloads. Generic terms like “media player” and “video player” are red flags.

Example, if your Adobe Flash Player needs to be updated then any site claiming to be an update site for Adobe Flash Player would have the word Adobe all over it plus it should be at adobe.com.

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