FBI malware scam

Seems all I am doing these days is warning people about “Today’s scam”. Welcome to the Internet I guess.

So, today’s scam is a bogus FBI warning that, of course, asks for money. From the FBI:

THE UNITED STATES Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has alerted the public about a virus named Reveton that issues fake FBI warnings demanding infected victims pay to unlock their computers.

Reveton is described as “drive-by” malware due to its ability to activate and install itself when users visit a compromised web site. Unlike most viruses, it doesn’t need to install a file or attachment.

Once it has infected a victim’s PC, Reveton then locks their computer, saying the user is in violation of US federal law.

More information can be found here: http://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2012/august/new-internet-scam/new-internet-scam

I have also been receiving emails this week thanking me for my order from some company I have never heard of with a link to check said order. Obviously when you click said link you are infected with some malware or virus. These emails all say the same thing but come from different people and companies.

I suppose we won’t see the end of these scams until people stop blindly clicking links. Yeah, that will happen.

New Internet Scam
“Drive-by” malware installs easily, locks computers, and demands payment.

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